5 Ways LevelEleven Helps you Immediately Move the Needle

5 Ways LevelEleven Helps you Immediately Move the Needle

Sales leaders often delay implementing new technologies or push off pesky sales calls because we feel we don’t feel like we have the time to evaluate a new solution properly. We have “more important” things to work on, like managing our teams and working on projects, trying to be as productive and efficient as possible every day. Most of all, if you’re responsible for a team with goals and quotas to meet, you’re struggling each and every day to make sure they’re performing at the highest level. So with all that going on, who has time to take a sales call, watch a demo and compare solutions?

The fact is quality sales enablement tools, like LevelEleven, free up your time, help your entire team meet and exceed monthly and quarterly goals and keep you from hyper-focusing on any single project too long. With LevelEleven’s Sales Management System, you and your team can operate at peak performance and focus on the metrics that matter. Here are five reasons companies have a sense of urgency to get up and running with LevelEleven:

1. Quickly & Easily Install the App

I know what you’re thinking. You’re tight on time and can’t imagine how you’ll have the bandwidth to install a new application. Not to worry. LevelEleven is a turnkey solution with a user-friendly installation process that can get your team up and running the same day (large enterprise deployments take more time of course). We have a comprehensive installation guide available on our help site and a customer success team available should you have more complex requirements better suited for a timed rollout plan. No matter what your needs are, our team will work with you directly to ensure a quick and easy implementation.

Pro Tip: Use the LevelEleven help site to ease your installation process.

2. Get Fast Results & ROI

Sure, it’s not always easy to get budget approvals for new solutions. But, when you share that LevelEvelen is a solution that will save your team time and money and deliver fast results with a quick return on your investment (ROI), the road to approval becomes infinitely easier. Also, the ROI our customers have experienced speaks volumes:

  • Paycor: 55% more key account meetings, 50% reduction in onboarding time
  • Everbridge: 33% more customer structured coaching conversations
  • Ryerson: 60% increase in existing account win-backs per month.
  • Rogers: 25% more qualified sales opportunities.

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3. Immediately Address Monthly & Quarterly Goals

One of the most common reasons we hear “it’s not a good time” is because we’re speaking with sales leaders whose primary focus is helping their team meet their monthly and quarterly goals. With LevelEleven, you have the opportunity to course-correct in real-time. So, when your team isn’t on track to make enough phone calls to hit their monthly quota, you can quickly adjust on the fly and use recognition, competition and incentives to rally them around those key metrics before that deadline hits.

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4. Save Time Onboarding & Coaching Reps

When salespeople leave or your team expands, a sales management solution like LevelEleven can save you time and money onboarding new team members. It also ensures that they’re onboarding against a standard set of metrics that align with your sales strategy, which allows them to ramp up thoroughly and consistently. Once they’re fully onboard, LevelEleven gives sales managers objective data to guide weekly one-on-ones and coaching sessions. So, when you have metrics that tell you where individual salespeople are falling behind, you know exactly how to help them.

Pro Tip: Learn how Everbridge increased conversations 33% with proper sales coaching.

5. Focus on the Behaviors That Matter Most

Determining your key performance indicators (KPIs) can be one of the most important things you do as a sales leader. Choose your top two to four leading and lagging indicators. Remember, selecting too many measurements will result in a lack of focus. Once you choose those KPIs, LevelEleven will help you drill down your process to focus all of your daily efforts on them. This allows each member of your sales team to know which activities will steer them towards success, and, in turn, help them spend less time guessing what to do next and more time on sales-specific behaviors that lead to success.

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