How to create a sales activity plan [Infographic]

A sales activity plan is a crucial element of achieving sales goals. Without clear guidance on how to create, progress and close opportunities, your reps are left to take a trial-and-error approach to winning business – which is something none of us can afford.

sales activity planJust a few weeks ago, CSO Insights released the 2017 Sales Manager Enablement Report. The researchers concluded that for sales managers to ensure sales results are achieved, they must manage the right activities and coach the related behaviors.

“Let’s be very clear here: We are not saying there shouldn’t be a focus on sales results. What we are saying is that the sales manager needs to focus on how to achieve the desired results, instead of focusing on measuring the results afterward,” the report states.

Because you can’t manage results, it’s imperative to manage the activities that lead to the results you desire. That’s where a sales activity plan comes in. But where do you even start?

Use the infographic below to define, calculate and assign sales activity metrics to your reps. Then grab a free sales scorecard template to track those activities in real-time, which allows you to course-correct performance. Consider investing in a sales activity management system, which has proven ROI for high-performance sales teams.

3 steps to build a sales activity plan

How to Set Sales Goals Infographic

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