20 presidential sales incentives under $45

Do you ever get tired of using the same old sales incentives? Your sales team probably does.

That’s why it’s important to utilize various sources of sales motivation. And no, that doesn’t mean spending even more money on incentives. You have to get creative. Take inspiration from national holidays, company initiatives or local happenings.

In the past, we’ve compiled incentive ideas for millennials, seasons and even holidays. But this time, we’re going governmental. Presidential, that is. Here are 20 sales incentives inspired by President’s Day that you can award to contest winners and top performers.

Affordable sales incentives inspired by President’s Day

  1. Abraham Lincoln bottle opener
  2. President’s Day T-shirt
  3. Ronald Reagan hand towel
  4. George Washington dinner plate
  5. Plastic top hats and fake beards for the entire team
  6. President John F. Kennedy cardboard cutout
  7. Patriotic apron
  8. Let rep select team members to act as secret service for a day
  9. John Adams mug
  10. Play “Schoolhouse Rock” clips on TV for entire day
  11. Fireside Chat ale
  12. “FDR” by Jean Edward Smith
  13. CEO dresses as a president of his/her choosing
  14. Thomas Jefferson portrait tie
  15. Presidential Pez dispensers
  16. Barack Obama “Farewell Address” wall art
  17. First season of “The West Wing”
  18. DVD copy of “Dave”
  19. Teddy Roosevelt bobblehead
  20. Play “Hamilton” songs throughout the office for a week

Remember that the key to great sales incentives is that they appropriately recognize the hard work of your team. Check out one of our most popular eBooks for more sales incentives below:

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