25 budget-friendly sales incentives for the holidays

Sales incentives can be tricky business. You want to reward your sales reps for their tremendous work, but you also don’t want to ruin your CFO’s day by going over budget.

The good news is that studies show recognizing someone’s accomplishments is a better motivator than a reward with high monetary value. So your sales incentives don’t have to break the bank.

Winter-themed sales incentives

  1. Company snowball fight
  2. holiday sales incentives 1Cast iron teapot set
  3. Soup recipe book
  4. Tie bar
  5. Company snowman contest
  6. Leather catch all
  7. CEO wears Rudolph nose and ears for a day
  8. Homemade hot chocolate mix
  9. Ice skating voucher
  10. North Face E-Tip Gloves
  11. sales incentives 2Company sledding event
  12. Decorate winner’s desk with paper snowflake cutouts
  13. Beer-making kit
  14. Fuzzy slipper day at work
  15. Mug warmer
  16. Team decorates office with festive lights
  17. Heated seat cushion
  18. Tickets to local winter festival
  19. sales incentives 3Team shovels snow for winner
  20. Gingerbread house materials
  21. Hot cider brought to office
  22. Holiday gift basket
  23. Wear-a-flannel-to-work day
  24. Cocktail recipe glasses
  25. Make your own hot sauce kit

Also, if you need some contest ideas to rally your team in the last few weeks of 2019. We’ve got your back. Grab a copy of our December Contest ideas, then use these 25 inexpensive sales incentives to reward contest winners.

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