30 Sales Incentives for Summer ($30 Or Less)

We all know how difficult summer can be for sales. The weather warms up. Kids get out of school. Prospects and clients go on vacation (and then are too busy for you when they get back).

summer inspired sales incentivesSo maintaining sales team momentum from June to August can be difficult. And understandably so – who really wants to be inside all day when it’s so beautiful outside?

This summer, your sales reps will. But only if you actively focus on motivating them. Try things like sales coaching, recognition and competition (the last of which you can use these July contest ideas for).

The best part? You can encourage your reps and reward them with these 30 sales incentives that all cost less than $30. Take a look at this list below.

Summer-Inspired Sales Incentives


  1. Inflatable Penguin Beach Ball
  2. Beach Ping Pong Setbaseball
  3. Ultra-Star Frisbee
  4. Tickets to local baseball game
  5. Mini Cornhole Set
  6. Outdoor Lantern
  7. Beach Chair
  8. Travel Cooler
  9. Portable Smartphone Projector
  10. Bocce Ball Set
  11. Tickets to local water park
  12. Bird Feeder
  13. Picnic Basketpicnic
  14. Beach Towels
  15. Campfire Roasting Stick Set
  16. Mask and Snorkel Set
  17. Company water balloon fight
  18. Banana Pool Float
  19. Portable Speaker
  20. Tickets to a drive-in movie theater
  21. Ceramic Watermelon Shark Party Bowl
  22. Backyard Water Slide
  23. Jumbo Sunglasses
  24. Wear your Hawaiian shirt to work day
  25. Hand Held Spray Mist Fancampfire
  26. Beach Umbrella
  27. Nerf Super Soaker
  28. Mini Fire Pit
  29. S’more Maker Machine
  30. Shark Bottle Opener

Need a little more inspiration for contest ideas around these sales incentives? Check out our guide on summer sales contest themes.

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