5 Ways to Strengthen Sales Recognition

Appreciation is an essential human need.

People want to be acknowledged for the work that they do, as it instills a sense of value and security. These feelings will motivate your sales team to continuously put their best foot forward and work harder. In other words, appreciation expressed through sales recognition can be your most powerful tool yet.

Sales RecognitionBy no means is this a new phenomenon, but unfortunately recognition is easily one of the most overlooked workplace practices. The sad part is that it can cost little to even nothing and will vastly improve workplace morale — which is proven to maximize sales productivity.

Recognition can also help boost your sales team’s performance as a whole, not just on individual levels. When one team member is recognized, others will see the acknowledgment, and many will strive to achieve that feeling for themselves. All the while, employers will be increasing the repetition of the desired behaviors they want their team to possess.

Dr. Lawrence Hrebiniak, a professor of management at the Wharton School, says it simply: “What’s absolutely critical…is that the organization celebrates success. Those who perform must be recognized. Their behavior and its results must be reinforced.”

Here are 5 pointers to make sure you’re celebrating sales success in the strongest way.

5 Ways to Strengthen Sales Recognition

1. Decide and clearly define what you wish to reward. Whether big wins, small behaviors or a mixture of both – consistency is a must!

2. Communication is key. Make sure to showcase the acknowledgement and do so in a timely fashion. When you do communicate, be specific and remember that identifying this positive action clearly will promote its repetition.

3. Recognition should come from all, not just superiors. Peer-to-peer recognition is 35.7% more likely to have a positive impact on financial results than manager-only recognition.

4. Be real and authentic. Employees should feel the sincerity when you show appreciation. This cannot be something “automated,” or it destroys what the recognition was there to do in the first place.

5. Remember that recognition in the form of sales incentives doesn’t have to break the bank. Get creative with your rewards. Simple things like a shout-out in a big meeting or letting someone be involved in decision-making processes can go a lot further than you think. (Need ideas? Check out our eBook, “102 Inexpensive Sales Incentive Ideas.”)

And remember…Employee Recognition = Happy Employees = More Productivity =  GREATER SUCCESS

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