20 Modern Sales Management Hacks

The importance of effective sales management in modern organizations cannot be understated.

life hacks for modern sales managementNo one sums it up quite as well as Vantage Point Performance managing partner Jason Jordan in Cracking The Sales Management Code: Salespeople may be the foot soldiers out in the field, but sales management provides them with marching orders and equips them for battle.

We believe that the frontline sales manager is the most powerful point of leverage in any sales force, and providing her with the right training and tools to manage her salespeople will pay dividends far into the future,” Jason writes in the book.

We’ve done a lot of research on best practices for sales management, and how it can be easier and more efficient for you as the sales leader. Now, we’re putting our most critical sales management tips all in one place.

From getting more ROI out of your sales team to becoming the VP of sales, here are are 20 hacks to amp up your sales management strategy.

Modern Sales Management Hacks

1. For getting more ROI from your sales team

2. For calculating sales KPIs

3. For creating more accurate sales forecasts

4. For increasing sales team diversity

5. For getting started with Salesforce

6. For evaluating Salesforce app readiness

7. For restructuring your sales process like a pro

8. For cleaner CRM data

9. For tackling low CRM adoption

10. For becoming the VP of sales

11. For getting more Salesforce ROI

12. For getting team buy-in on a new sales pitch

13. For creating a sales culture of performance

14. For training sales reps

15. For transitioning salespeople to management

16. For getting sales reps on the phone more

17. For conducting a sales win/loss analysis of closed deals

18. For avoiding sales leader burnout

19. For researching the latest sales KPI trends

20. For motivating sales reps (affordably)

Remember that a critical part of modern sales management is aligning your team around key performance indicators (KPIs). Not only does this help you be a metrics-driven organization, but it creates a culture of performance.

To learn more about how today’s leaders in sales management are using KPIs, grab a copy of our latest research:

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