10 Sales Performance Must-Reads For Q2

“There are two days left in the quarter.”

For many sales leaders, that thought means one thing: stress.

But there’s no need to panic, because LevelEleven has your back with some action-packed reads to get you into high gear for the entire quarter.

A few months ago, we told you what you needed to read before Q1 in 2016. Now, we’re sharing what you need to know to have a killer Q2.

10 Sales Performance Must-Reads Before Q2


  1. Snip20160301_8Learn what KPIs sales leaders across the nation use to manage and motivate sales teams with research from The Sales KPI Report. Whether you run a small sales development team at a tech company or a national advertising account management team, this report has strategic information for you.
  2. We all want to sell more, faster. But sometimes hidden traps in our accounting processes can slow down the process. Avoid those pitfalls and improve your close process with 7 Steps to a Better, Faster Close from Intacct.
  3. Stop sending generic mass emails and start writing personalized messages that get replies with The Crazy Simple Formula For Writing Sales Email Subject Lines That Buyers Love from HubSpot.
  4. Do you use metrics that drive sales performance? Find out with the InsideSales.com guide to 12 High Velocity Sales Metrics That Actually Increase Results.
  5. Trade in end-of-quarter mind-blowing stress for a calm and collected sense of urgency by taking these 8 Steps to Close Your Quarter Strong.
  6. Research says that most of your future revenue will come from current customers. That’s why modern sales leaders must understand The ROI of Customer Success. Not only does this Gainsight article share various models for how customer success can fit into your organization, but it also discusses how to align accountability and influence for every department.
  7. TinderBox sales leader Phil Keene shares two vital practices for all sales leaders from front-line managers to C-level executives in Why Sales Leaders Fail Their Teams – And How to Succeed.
  8. So you’ve made this huge investment in Salesforce … now what? Get a copy of this free report from Apttus and Bluewolf that uncovers How The Best Teams Use Salesforce.
  9. We all know that time kills deals. That’s why sales leaders should know How to Conduct a Sales Win/Loss Analysis of Closed Deals to continually improve your selling. This set of step-by-step instructions includes a checklist for holding sales / win loss analysis session with your team.
  10. With more than a decade of experience in leadership at Salesforce, Lynne Zaledonis has put together a simple set of “guidelines for a standard set of skills and recommended reading” to increase productivity in this distraction filled age of modern sales. Check out A Top Sales Executive’s Formula for Lasting Success: 10 Tips.

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