10 Things Every Sales Leader Should Read Before the New Year

Sales performance readsThe new year is drawing near, which means you need to get on board with the latest sales leadership wisdom before jumping into 2016.

From sales industry predictions and forecasts to cold calling and predictive analytics, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of sales performance reads to get you poised for crushing quota in the upcoming fiscal year.

Your Pre-2016 Sales Leader Reading List:

1. A new year means a new quota, so ensure that 2016 starts off the right way with the 10 Essential Things to Do in January to Beat Your 2016 Sales Goal from HubSpot

2. While the state of sales is about as predictable as the weather, Jeff Taylor of Amplifinity discusses his prognoses for marketing, technology, lead generation and customer happiness in 4 Splendid Sales Forecasts for 2016.

3. Want to know what top sales leaders are envisioning for the upcoming year in sales? Check out TinderBox’s list of The Top Sales Predictions for 2016, which features commentary from Angie’s List, Emarsys, SalesLoft and more. 

4. Before you jump into your new fiscal year, learn about the six steps Hubspot’s Global Director of Business Development Justin Hiatt used to increase overall sales activity by 26% in How to Create a World-class Business Development Team: Lessons Learned from Hubspot

5. Learn why the authors at TechCrunch predict that 2016 Will Be the Year of the Sales Stack, addressing the need for technologies in lead generation, measuring the health of a sales funnel, configuring price quotes and even hiring. 

6. After that, pick up your copy of The CRO’s Guide To Selecting Tech, where TinderBox put together its most actionable insights for sales leaders to select sales stack technologies in the coming year. 

7. If you have an outbound sales organization that relies on cold calling, then you can’t miss SalesLoft’s 8 Steps to Surpercharge Your Cold Calling to get ahead of your competitors in the coming year.

8. Many sales leaders are forecasting the rise of predictive and prescriptive analytics in the coming year. Check out what TopOpps has to say in Predictive Analytics for a Consistent Sales Process And Consistent Sales Growth

9. Prepping for your annual sales kickoff? Grab Your Guide to Hosting a Killer Sales Kickoff in 2016 (Bonus: Don’t miss the 2016 Sales Kickoff Checklist included at the end). 

10. CPQ is getting some major attention (take Salesforce‘s grab of Steelbrick for $360 million just last week!); find out everything you should know about the category for the upcoming year with Steelbrick’s CPQ Made Simple: A Guide to Configure, Price, Quote

Bonus: 2016 is also the year of the data-driven sales leader! Make sure to check out our most popular eBook of 2015, 5 Steps to Choose the Right Sales KPIs.

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