20 Affordable Sales Incentives to Kick Off 2016 [Infographic]

inexpensive sales incentive ideas 2016Recognition is a powerful tool for motivating sales performance. You know this.

But rewarding your top performers and hardest workers does not have to mean breaking the bank.

Yes, it’s the start of a new year, which means you’ll be giving out the big kahuna of sales incentives to those reps who made it to the President’s Club in 2015.

But what about motivating everyone else to get some wins? The new year means time for new sales incentives.

To start, there are many different types of sales incentives (think additional vacation time or tickets to a local ball game). We also know that reps are motivated by more than just rewards: Recognition and competition can also be incredibly effective when motivating sales. Even good sales coaching can successfully stimulate sales activity.

Don’t get dizzy looking at how much you’ll be paying out in sales incentives this year for successful reps. We’ve already shared some inexpensive sales ideas, but we wanted to give you some fresh ideas to start off 2016:

20 Affordable Incentives For Sales Contest Winners:

1. Pass off one project to another team member
2. Take on a new project the winner was hoping to be assigned
3. Decorate the rep’s desk with LED lights, balloons and streamers
4. Happy hour with the CEO
5. Free desk cleaning / organization session
6. Work from home for a day
7. Name conference rooms after sales reps (Bonus: Give them silly nicknames for even more fun!)
8. Leave work one hour early daily for a whole week
9. Funny lamp for rep’s desk (May we suggest a lava lamp?)
10. Slow clap from the team each time the rep walks in the room for an entire day
11. Recognition for the rep on all social media channels
12. Get an office-wide list going via email that says “Why We Think [Insert Rep’s Name] Is a Rockstar” and have everyone contribute
13. Rep gets to come to work in comfy clothes for a day
14. Let the rep choose where you have your weekly team meeting — like outside or on the roof of your building
15. Give the rep the best parking spot for a week
16. Fill a piñata with items of a rep’s choice and then have the entire team knock it down
17. Let rep take one hour for professional development each day for a week
18. Rep gets a 1:1 mentoring session with the CEO
19. New pair of slippers to wear around the office for a day
20. Replenish rep’s desk with fun office supplies

But that’s not all. Here’s a quick refresher on sales incentives we’ve told you about before:

inexpensive sales incentive ideas

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