sales productivity secretWe all have moments that we are most proud of in life, which can range from sinking a big putt to walking away from a prospecting meeting with a signed deal.

Typically, if we look back on these moments, they are ones when we just feel like we’re in the groove.

For most of us, these times don’t come around all that often. Sure, we can be great at what we do, yet we are rarely at our absolute best or “in the zone.” But, it’s not like there’s anything we can do about it, because that in-the-zone feeling can’t be sustainable…right?


Staying in the Zone

What if you could actually create these in-the-zone moments instead of waiting for them to happen? Or better yet, what if you could bring more of these moments to your team so that you could increase sales productivity? You can do both.

Mihaly Cxikszentmihalyi proves this to be true based on his research on “Flow.” This is a state of concentration where a person achieves their highest and most optimal amount of output/performance on whatever task they are working on.

Think you’ve been there? You probably have been, in those moments where you feel:

  • Strong
  • Alert
  • In effortless control
  • Unselfconscious
  • At the peak of your abilities

All of this adds up so that, when experiencing flow, you have a sense of accomplishment and get a break from thinking about yourself or what your daily life is like. Time flies, and you perform better.

So back to how you can create these awesome benefits for your sales team. The good news is that you can promote flow in just 3 steps:

1. Make sure that sales KPIs are clearly defined.

2. Make sure that sales KPIs fall right in line with your sales team’s skill set; they can’t be too difficult or too easy.

3. Create immediate and real-time feedback on the sales KPIs that you have put in place.

Increasing Sales Productivity

Ensuring that flow is present in your sales environment will get you some pretty incredible results. You’ll increase sales productivity, as your team works with greater:

  • Sense of purpose
  • Clarity on what is expected of them
  • Guidance on where they should be spending their time

So why not encourage more flow in your sales environment? Heighten sales productivity in those three simple steps.

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