7 Steps to Chatter Adoption: Building the Contest

Using Chatter allows employees in your organization to connect with co-workers, so they can work together to be more productive. It pushes updates on the accounts, contacts and projects that you care about most right to you, so you know what’s going on. And it keeps your conversations in one place, helping you and your team to stay organized.

Of course, to experience these benefits, you first need to get your team to adopt Chatter. If you’re struggling to do that, we suggest building a competition around it. Below are the 7 steps to creating a basic Chatter competition within Compete. (To find out how competition can drive Chatter adoption, read “From Zero to Chatter in 30 Days”.)

1) Competition Type

  • Competition Type – Salesforce Adoption

Salesforce Adoption

2) General Information

  • Contest Name – Chatter Champ
  • Choose Winners by – Total number of points
  • Start/End date – 1 week

General Information

3) Behaviors to Motivate

a) Chatter adoption, post to Chatter

  • Behavior name – Post to Chatter
  • Points – 10
  • Add motivated behavior

Chatter adoption

b) Chatter adoption, comment on a Chatter post

  • Behavior name – Post a comment
  • Points – 25
  • Add motivated behavior

Chatter adoption

4) Prizes

  • 1st Prize – $10 Starbucks gift card and a pair of wind-up chattering teeth
  • 2nd Prize – $5 Starbucks gift card
  • 3rd Prize – 32 Hersey Kisses (One chocolate for every tooth in your mouth.)


5) Participants/Observers

Participants and Observers

6) Contest Notification Options

  • Point of Contact – The person who created the contest
  • Contest Launch Notification – Chatter Notifications
  • Ongoing Leaderboard Updates – Daily Chatter Notifications
  • Contest Bulletin Board – Upload a picture of Starbucks and wind-up chattering teeth
  • Earning Entries – Chatter Notifications, Chatter post to contest group

Contest Notification Options

Contest Notification Options

7) Save Contest

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