Sales team management tools get boost from new AppExchange Partner Program

Today, Salesforce unveiled an exciting announcement for sales team management tools: a new AppExchange Partner Program. The program is a “reimagination of the AppExchange” aimed at helping Salesforce partners build faster, smarter and more powerful apps.

A press release from Salesforce listed top ISV partners who are championing the new program, including LevelEleven, MapAnything and Wootric.

“Building our company on the Salesforce Platform brings us instant credibility. Right out of the box, our Sales Management System has enterprise-grade security, uptime, mobile access, a full reporting suite and a robust open API,” LevelEleven CEO Bob Marsh said in the press release. “Because our technology helps keep salespeople focused on what matters — and, most importantly, builds world-class front-line sales managers — customers get more value from their investment in Salesforce. So we both win. That’s the definition of a strong partner ecosystem.”

There’s a lot of information included in the press release. Here’s what this means for ISV partners that build sales team management tools.

How partners building sales team management tools will benefit

  • A new pricing structure for ISVs will provide enablement and support based on AppExchange Trailblazer Scores. The scores are created from a point-based system that takes into account AppExchange reviews and ratings security review status and adoption of latest Salesforce technology; as well as Trailhead trails completed and certifications gained.
  • A lowered percent-net-revenue model for new AppExchange partners (from 25 percent to 15 percent). Existing partners will be eligible for the new PNR terms at the time of renewal.
  • A streamlined onboarding experience that includes an onboarding wizard, new payment tools and systems, and an AppExchange Partner Program dashboard.
  • New development tools for ISVs, including Salesforce DX and free Heroku access.

The rollout will occur over the coming year, with the new AppExchange Partner Program replacing the current ISV Partner Program on March 1, 2018.

With more than 3,000 app listings, Salesforce says the AppExchange is the longest-running and largest enterprise app marketplace. Close to 90 percent of Fortune 100 companies have installed AppExchange tools. Apps from the marketplace have been installed over 4 million times.

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