5 incredible sessions for sales leaders at INBOUND

More than 14,000 people from 70 countries will be in Boston this week for HubSpot’s INBOUND conference.

5 incredible sessions for sales leaders at INBOUNDWe’re pretty excited. The 4-day event always draws an eclectic speaker lineup. This year’s, alone, includes Alec Baldwin, Serena Williams and Gary Vaynerchuk. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities to network at happy hours, entertainment events and Club INBOUND.  

The agenda features more than 200 educational sessions. Here are five valuable breakouts for sales leaders.

5 INBOUND sessions sales leaders can’t miss

1. AI: How Robots are Changing the Way we Sell

  • Date: Nov. 9
  • Time: 10:30 a.m.
  • Featuring: Knut Hellan, Companybook
  • Description: This session is aimed at VPs of sales at B2B companies, who have significant growth objectives or are unable to meet growth numbers with their current sales approach. You’ll learn how to draw attention to the key elements of sales that are supported by advanced tools like artificial intelligence, but still need a human approach applied to the process to close deals.

2. 3 Things Sales Leaders DESPERATELY Need… But Don’t Get

  • Date: Nov. 9
  • Time: 1 p.m.
  • Featuring: Jason Jordan, Vantage Point Performance
  • Description: Accurate sales forecasts. Healthy sales pipelines. Impactful sales coaching. These are three expectations of every sales leader that CRM was created to enable. So why do we still suffer anemic pipelines, erratic forecasts and feeble coaching? Join best-selling author Jason Jordan as he reveals specific best practices that are proven to turn CRM into the high-leverage investment it should be.

3. How to Grow Faster with Activity-Based Selling

  • Date: Nov. 10
  • Time: 9:15 a.m.
  • Featuring: Bob Marsh, LevelEleven
  • Description: The fastest-growing companies found a new way to sell, activity-based selling. Sales is a cascading chain of controllable behaviors that lead to a defined outcome: closing more business. And as you’re starting to grow your sales team, it becomes even more crucial to take this operational approach for managing your salespeople. Find out exactly how to do that at this session. You’ll leave with a step-by-step guide for conquering activity-based selling, so you can grow faster.

4. Confidence: The Key Ingredient to Your Pricing and Packaging

  • Date: Nov. 10
  • Time: 10:30 a.m.
  • Featuring: Daryn Smith, MPULL
  • Description: Pricing and packaging your services is not just a challenge for young agencies; as you add new services to your mix, or move into new verticals, these two P’s are essential to your agency’s success. As an agency, ourselves, we’ll take you through our own evolution, and how a lack of confidence almost closed our agency down. We’ll share our personal lessons learned, as well as the lessons gleaned from working with hundreds of digital, web and full-service agencies. Walk away from this session knowing the current (and future) models to use when packaging and pricing inbound services, sales enablement services and growth-driven design.

5. How to Find and Keep the Best Sales Reps

  • Date: Nov. 10
  • Time: 1 p.m.
  • Featuring: Matt Sunshine, LeadG2
  • Description: Tune in to hear insider tips on where to find your next superstar seller, and learn how to build and maintain a strong talent bank so you are never left short-handed again. You’ll hear expert advice on how to think beyond your candidates’ resumes to truly understand their potential for performance, and you’ll learn the specific behaviors that are scientifically proven to lead to B2B sales success.

We’ll be at INBOUND tweeting the most valuable insights for modern sales leaders. Follow us to stay up-to-date at @leveleleven.

5 incredible sessions for sales leaders at INBOUND
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5 incredible sessions for sales leaders at INBOUND
More than 14,000 people from 70 countries will be in Boston this week for HubSpot’s INBOUND conference. Here are the must-attend sessions for sales leaders.
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