How BCInsourcing motivates offsite employees with activity management

Benefit Communications Insourcing wanted to drive employee engagement. They didn’t know activity management would be the answer.

“We wanted to drive culture, collaboration and increased recognition. We have many folks who work in the field, and our goal was to create a ‘virtual’ culture,” explained CRM Development Manager Valerie Thompson.

how BCInsourcing motivates with activity managementValerie and her team evaluated all sorts of new additions to their technology stack and ended up bringing on LevelEleven.

“The value was worth it for us even if one or two employees did not separate employment due to the ‘distance’ they felt from our culture because they were off site,” Valerie said. “Today, our ‘virtual’ culture helps us create stickiness in employment and raise employee morale.”

Benefit Communications employed a lot of creative tactics to engage their field employees. Here’s why it worked:

How activity management engages off-site employees

1. Activity management drives focus.

Benefit Communications employees use LevelEleven to focus on the metrics that drive company goals. The team values the visibility they get on pacing toward goals, and managers are able to track and support those that are falling behind.  

The organization plans to expand these features to all of their teams, and Valerie is currently meeting with department heads to put even more rigor around which metrics they keep their teams focused on.

2. Activity management creates a virtual culture.

The Benefit Communications team uses LevelEleven’s broadcast feature to promote company values. With Channel11, team members can post hashtags related to wellness (an important initiative for the company), family photos or current events. They offer fun challenges for employees to strengthen culture, by doing things like posting haikus about the company.  

3. Activity management enables collaboration.

Benefit Communications also uses LevelEleven to foster camaraderie. As one recent example, corporate and field-based employees were randomly assigned to teams for a photo quest. Team members submitted pictures of themselves doing particular activities (like a sporting event) or particular object (a FitBit with 10,444 steps). The contest setup allowed any employee to contribute photos for their team, no matter where they were located. Teams had to exceed a point threshold to win.

4. Productivity software promotes recognition.

Because the organization is so large, recognition used to be given via email with only a few people copied. Now, the organization rewards employees who go above and beyond with recognition broadcasted on monitors around the office through LevelEleven. Everyone in the company can see who’s hustling and recognize one another for it.

Productivity software helps remote employees feel like a valued part of the team — in addition to driving focus on the right activities, which ultimately drives more wins. How do you keep your remote team engaged and productive?

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