25 Tips To Conquer Dreamforce ’16 Like A Pro

For those heading to Dreamforce this year, we wish you luck.

tips to take on dreamforce like a proOf course, you’ll need more than just luck. Dreamforce is a whirlwind of keynotes, educational sessions, impressive exhibits and more.

To help prepare you for this massive event, we asked our clients, partners and team members for their most vital pieces of Dreamforce advice. This is what they told us.

25 Words of Wisdom for Dreamforce ’16

On sessions …

  • “Get into the agenda builder as soon as you can, as sessions fill up fast.”
  • “If there are sessions you want to attend but didn’t register for, get there at least 30 minutes ahead of time to be at the front of the backup line. There will be registrants who don’t show up, and the more important the session is to you, the closer to the front of that line you want to be.”
  • “Always introduce yourself to the person next to you at sessions. It’s easy to sit there and check emails, but you might be missing out on a key new contact.”
  • “If there are certain keynotes that are important to you, head there 45 to 60-minutes ahead of time. They fill up quick and sitting close adds energy to the session.”
  • “If you miss a session, check for the video after Dreamforce is over. Most events are filmed and are on YouTube to view later.”

On networking …

  • “Get in on the conversation. People will share tips and insight on social media throughout the conference. Listen, and then participate.”
  • “Concentrate on building relationships, not your pipeline. This approach should help you to build your pipeline in return.”
  • “Take time every night or the next morning to follow up with people you meet. Otherwise it can get overwhelming. You’ll meet a lot of people.”
  • “When you do follow up with people you met, include a note about what you talked about or experienced together – they’ll have met a lot of people, too.”

On health and comfort …

  • “Don’t get sick beforehand. The days are long. Get some rest and take your vitamins.”
  • “Get one of those battery pack chargers to carry with you. Your cell phone or tablet battery will burn out fast, and plugs aren’t always in the best locations.”
  • “Don’t overdo it too early in the game. You have a lot of long nights and early mornings ahead of you.”
  • “Bring comfortable shoes – seriously. You’ll walk a TON.”
  • “Count on the coffee at your home or hotel. The coffee shops will be slammed every morning.”

On time management …

  • “Eat early in the day so you are not frantically trying to shove a muffin in your mouth before your 2:30 session as a replacement for missed lunch.”
  • “Establish 2 or 3 specific goals you have for the week so you can align your Dreamforce plan to that.”
  • “Carve out time to really walk the expo floor. There are some amazing companies out there that you should get to know.”
  • “If there are certain people or vendors you want to meet with in person, reach out to their team ahead of time to see if you can schedule time. It’s so busy, it can be hard to just ‘swing by and say hi.’ ”
  • “It’s often faster to walk than take transportation, like the Dreamforce shuttles.”
  • “Registering on day one at the Moscone can be crazy. Long lines and TONS of people. A few of the hotels have registration centers as well, and lines/people are usually significantly less there.”

On traveling …

  • “Americans consume a paltry 15 pounds of seafood per person, per year, compared to an average of 195 pounds of eggs, pork, beef and chicken. Take our word for it, and consume a portion of that 15 pounds in the Bay area where the fish is fresh.”
  • “When you’re eating out, try San Francisco classics, like cioppino and ceviche.”
  • “Bring a sweatshirt – it’ll get cold at night.”
  • “Leave enough room in your bag to bring home all of the literature and swag that gets handed out. Most airlines allow for 50lbs. Shoot for 40lbs or less on the way out to make room for 10lbs of books/swag.”

Our last tip for taking on Dreamforce like a pro? Have fun! This is a one-of-a-kind event, and will certainly be a memorable experience for you and your team.

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