How Sales Productivity Software Improved Sales Activities of These 6 Teams

Sales Productivity Statistics: The Bad

With the abundance of sales productivity software available today, you’d expect that time spent on sales activities would be at an all time high. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. In fact, some sales software might actually decrease productivity on a sales team.

There are some alarming statistics on sales activities out there: In 2014, reps were only spending 34 percent of their time selling. That’s down from 41 percent just a few years earlier.

According to Docurated’s ”State of Sales Productivity” report, 20 percent of sales rep time is spent on administrative tasks, including reporting and logging data.

sales activity management statistics every sales leader should know

Sales Productivity Statistics: The Good

Sales activity management software enables activity-based selling, where sales organizations are managed and motivated around the cascading chain of behaviors that lead to sales. This type of sales software doubles as a sales motivation tool for sales teams, given its attention to measuring activities that lead to desired sales outcomes.

By using software that motivates sales reps to focus attention on the activities that result in closing more business, sales activity management improves decision-making for each salesperson on where they spend their time. This doesn’t increase random behaviors – it increases the right inputs to drive the business results your team desires. There’s data to prove it.

Sales Productivity Success Statistics

Here’s what happened when these six modern sales organizations leveraged sales activity management software to increase sales productivity:

7 Astonishing Sales_082516_V3-page-001 (1)Interested in more data around sales activities? Grab a copy of the inaugural Sales KPI report, which includes research on more than 100 sales teams: 

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