Why You Need Sales Activity Management Right Now

For sales leaders navigating the complex world of modern sales, we salute you. The task is not for the faint of heart.

why you need sales activity management right nowThe good news is that sales activity management – a rapidly growing category of sales software that enables sales leaders to manage and motivate their teams around activities that drive revenue – can ease the process.

Think of a sales activity management system as a Fitbit for your sales team: Your quota is the goal, and the system helps you keep track of the activities you need to achieve it.

Whether you’re restructuring your sales organization or simply looking at new avenues of growth for your team, sales activity management has tangible benefits for sales leaders, salespeople and global sales organizations.

4 Reasons To Invest In Sales Activity Management Immediately

1. Sales activity management saves you time and money.

It’s true that every piece of technology requires an investment. But when that investment enables you to achieve higher revenue production per salesperson, course-correct performance in real time and consistently onboard and coach reps, the ROI is pretty explicit.

Not only does sales activity management save time and money, it helps you get more of it because…

2. Sales activity management generates instant ROI.

In the most recent State of Sales report, Salesforce found that 75% of sales leaders at more than 2,000 global organizations are either currently using or plan to invest in activity management.

It’s not hard to understand why: Ryerson saw a 60 percent increase in profit per month by getting their sales team to focus on the behaviors that would lead to sales, and Staples increased its key selling activities by 182 percent. Many others have also experienced the ROI of sales activity management.

3. Sales activity management aligns global sales organizations.

Sales activity management takes reps out of their silos and rallies them together to work toward your key initiatives. The technology creates visibility and productivity around key sales metrics for all team members. Peer and team rankings inspire collaboration and friendly competition.

4. Sales activity management cuts through day-to-day noise.

Sales activity management allows reps to hit the ground running by keeping them focused on the activities that matter. By automatically tracking individual activity metrics, the system shows reps where they should spend time to stay on pace. Instead of getting lost in the daily shuffle of qualifying leads, calling prospects, handling support issues and more, reps know exactly which activity to focus on and how much of it they need to get done.

Invest in a sales activity management system to save money, generate ROI, align your sales organization and keep reps focused on the activities that matter.

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