Sales Leader Brief: Salesforce Shield for Financial Services Cloud

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sales leader bried salesforce shield for financial servicesIn late July, Salesforce introduced Shield for Financial Services Cloud, a solution to help financial service providers comply with industry regulations.

The Department of Labor released an update to its fiduciary rule earlier this year, requiring fiduciaries like financial advisors, retirement plan providers and insurance agents to provide investment advice that is in the best interest of their clients. Salesforce Shield provides better client communication and security to comply with these new rules.

Read the full Salesforce press release here, or check out some of the highlights:

Sales Leader Highlights of Salesforce Shield:


  • With Client Profiles and Client Households, advisors get a comprehensive view of clients and their networks, including other investments, financial circumstances, tax status and life goals.
  • Financial Service Cloud’s Advisor Dashboard provides companies with a quick look at their books on business, with information like client account changes and activities.
  • Shield’s Monitoring capability allows businesses to identify who’s accessing data, what kind of data and where.
  • Private Client Communication provides a safe way for advisors to communicate with clients on investment advice, costs and compensation, and consent for certain trades or activities.
  • Shield’s Field Audit Trail lets advisors view the state and value of data on any date or time for up to a decade – exceeding the Department of Labor required period of retention of six years.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud starts at $150 per user, per month, while Shield is priced at a percentage of total Salesforce product spend. Shield components can be purchased together or individually.

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