20 America-Inspired Sales Incentives for Under $20

For a lot of sales teams, summertime can be a real drag.

Not only does your revenue typically slow because so many prospects are on vacation, but the decreased momentum makes your office a sleepy, slow-moving place to be.

But summer can be an opportune time to motivate your sales reps with some extra recognition and incentives. One way you can do this is with contests.

America Inspired Sales IncentivesWhether you want to motivating phone calls or face-to-face meetings, contests of all shapes and sizes can give your sales team the boost they need. Reps are motivated by the competition with their peers, rewarded through the recognition of achieving a goal when they win the contest, and incentivized with a small prize.

That’s right, we said “small” prize, because not all sales incentives have to break the bank. Reps can be motivated by modest or even funny prizes for their hard work.

To get your team into high gear during these summer months, here’s a list of 20 Fourth of July-related sales incentives for contest winners that all cost less than $20.

20 Independence Day-Themed Sales Incentives


  1. Box of sparklers
  2. Tiny American flags
  3. Brand new grill set
  4. Themed sunglasses
  5. Red, white & blue popsicles
  6. Desk decorations in red, white and blue
  7. Patriotic bow tie or earrings
  8. American flag coffee mug
  9. Grilling cookbook
  10. Team outing to local fireworks show
  11. DVD of Independence Day
  12. Entire company sings National Anthem to winner
  13. Red, White & Blue Top Hat
  14. Glow sticks
  15. Red, white & blue bead necklaces
  16. Patriotic apron
  17. Patriotic socks
  18. Striped suspenders
  19. Stuffed animal bald eagle
  20. CEO wears Uncle Sam outfit for entire day

Looking for ideas on how to set up and run your contests, as well? Grab your copy of our summer contest ideas eBook:

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