Sales Stack Snapshots: Cirrus Insight in 2 Minutes

sales stack snapshot cirrus insight“The Year of the Sales Stack.” That’s what TechCrunch dubbed 2016. Unfortunately, as a sales leader, your time fills too quickly to allow for evaluations of all of the software and services that could strengthen your tech stack this year. We’re here to help. This series offers snapshots of some of the top software and service providers in the sales category. You can read each in under 5 minutes, and then find out the best way to learn more for any that inspire you to do so.

Your Sales Stack Snapshot of Cirrus Insight

Our fourth snapshot in the Sales Stack series features Cirrus Insight, which integrates Salesforce with Gmail and Outlook for 150,000+ sales professionals, so they can track and sync emails and events, schedule meetings, create leads and set follow-ups right from their inbox. We interviewed the team’s VP of Marketing, Jason Hubbard.

  1. Every sales leader reading this post will receive multiple calls and emails today from vendors. If your sales team were calling right now, what would they say?

“They would ask about pain points your team has around Salesforce. They would ask about how you’re getting data in and out of Salesforce and if you are having any issues with adoption. Once they had a clear picture of what your team is struggling with they would talk about how we can improve those issues.”

  1. Where does your solution fall within the modern sales technology stack?

“Salesforce is increasingly becoming the hub for all of the pieces of the sales stack. But that hub is only as valuable as the information that resides in it. By driving adoption of Salesforce we make the entire sales stack functional. Our productivity features and Salesforce integration increase the speed and rate of conversions, so you can increase sales and gain better analytical insights in Salesforce.”

  1. During a time when the amount of sales technology and service options available seem infinite, why should sales leaders pay attention to Cirrus?

“The amount of time our solution saves you from Salesforce data entry alone makes it worth the cost of admission. But added features such as email tracking and meeting booking mean Cirrus can replace a wide range of other tools, too.”

  1. If the person reading this right blog now were to take you on, what specific problem would you solve for their business, and what kinds of quantifiable results could they expect?

“We would solve issues with Salesforce adoption, such as tedious data entry and a lack of insight into your sales team and process. Expect to see a dramatic jump in the number of emails and events logged to Salesforce daily, as well as an increase in your sales conversion rate.”

  1. Give us your absolute best customer success story in no more than 3 sentences.

“Our first 1,000+ seat enterprise customer came to us days after launching our calendar sync solution. They already had a contract with a competing company they hadn’t executed yet and told us if we could match their price they liked our solution better. Two days later the deal was closed!”

  1. Where’s the best place our readers can go to learn more about you?

“To learn everything about Cirrus Insight, you can go to From there you can also start a free 14 day trial to see the app in action for yourself.”

Have a sales software or service provider in mind for a future Sales Stack Snapshot? Email If there’s a specific question you’d like us to ask, include that in your email, too.

Sales Stack Snapshots: Cirrus Insight in 2 Minutes
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Sales Stack Snapshots: Cirrus Insight in 2 Minutes
Our fourth snapshot in the Sales Stack series features Cirrus Insight, which integrates Salesforce with Gmail and Outlook for 150,000+ sales professionals.
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