Sales Stack Snapshots: WalkMe in 3 Minutes

“The Year of the Sales Stack.” That’s what TechCrunch dubbed 2016. Unfortunately, as a sales leader, your time fills too quickly to allow for evaluations of all of the software and sales stack snapshot walkmeservices that could strengthen your tech stack this year. We’re here to help. This series offers snapshots of some of the top software and service providers in the sales category. You can read each in under 5 minutes, and then find out the best way to learn more for any that inspire you to do so.

Your Sales Stack Snapshot of WalkMe

Our first sales software snapshot features WalkMe. We interviewed the team’s EVP of Sales, Richard Woolf, who brings over 15 years of experience in software sales to the world’s leading enterprises. Here’s how it went:

1. Every sales leader reading this post will receive multiples calls and emails today from sales technology vendors. If your sales team were calling right now, what would they say?

“It depends on the pain point that the customer is dealing with, but the general introduction to the platform is as follows: WalkMe is an enterprise-class guidance and engagement platform for any HTML-based application. Comprehensive step-by-step guidance is overlaid onto the screen so that users don’t need to call Customer Support or leave the site to watch video tutorials, or read tedious manuals or FAQ pages. This helps simplify user experience so that users know exactly what they need to do on any given application or website in a fraction of the time. The platform guides users through even the most complex processes. It’s kind of like having an expert sitting right next to you to guide you through certain processes.”

2. Where does your solution fall within the modern sales stack?

“WalkMe’s guidance and engagement platform can be directly integrated with sales force automation (SFA) systems. The platform improves sales solutions by focusing primarily on the effectiveness of training by emphasizing knowledge retention and contextual relevance, increasing onboarding and adoption and encouraging upsells and cross-sells through its customer engagement features.”

3. During a time when the amount of sales technology options available seem infinite, why should sales leaders pay attention to your solution?

“WalkMe addresses the main pain points that sales departments are challenged with on a daily basis: the efficiency and productivity of its salespeople, elongated training times on getting salespeople up-to-speed and high training costs.”

4. If the person reading this blog right now were to take you on, what specific problem would you solve for their business, and what kinds of quantifiable results could they expect?

“WalkMe is used by enterprises from a wide range of industries and verticals to increase sales and conversion rates, boost UX, reduce support costs and improve employee productivity.

“Want to get your employees up to speed in one hour and not one week? Since implementing WalkMe on its new veterinary portal, Royal Canin has been able to cut its user training time by 51%.  

“If not all of your employees or users are using a particular platform frequently enough, or aren’t taking full advantage of all of its features, we can help you make sure that adoption rates increase. TinderBox increased their adoption rates to 45% with WalkMe.

“If you’d like to increase your free-to-paid conversion rate – we’ll be able to say that we’ve increased it. Citrix used an automated guidance system to double conversions of free trial users.”

5. Give us your absolute best customer success story in no more than 3 sentences.

“North America Sales Operations Leader of Stanley Black & Decker, explains how the company uses WalkMe to rapidly onboard new Salesforce users and leave a lasting impact on performance: “With [WalkMe] we have faster onboarding, picked up productivity, and we have a much more consistent adoption…we’re able to train people who’ve never seen Salesforce, and have them up and running in 3-4 hours.” Watch the full video here.

6. Where’s the best place our readers can go to learn more about you?

“By visiting our homepage and reading about our success stories.”

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