30 Days of Sales Performance [Challenge]

Today, we’re issuing a challenge to all modern sales leaders:

Drive urgency around this month’s revenue goal – right now. Today. This very minute.

I want you to stand up. Get out of your chair right now. Look around at your sales team and shout, “How far above quota can we get this month?!”

You can even take some inspiration from Peter Finch.

You don’t want to? Ok, that’s fair. It was a lot to ask.

But here’s the thing: You can’t wait for the last stretch of the quarter to start getting real about hitting your revenue goal.  

Sales performance isn’t just for the final push.

Stop putting yourself in the tight spot of doing anything you can to close deals. Here’s what happens when you wait until the last minute:

  1. Reps skip steps in the sales process to close a deal faster, which results in the value of your product or service not getting fully communicated to your prospects.
  2. Deals get enormously discounted just for the sake of discounting (and therefore de-valuing what you offer).
  3. Sales teams focus only on revenue and spend no time on top-of-the-funnel activities like prospecting or discovery calls, potentially harming the pipeline for future quarters.

You should be taking steps on a daily basis to prepare for the final push.

That’s why we’re challenging you, modern sales leader, to do one thing every day for the next 30 days to drive sales performance in your team.

Just one! How hard can that be?

Spend just a few minutes every day finding a way to motivate your team to amp up their selling. Studies show that improved motivation can yield a 47 percent increase in gross profits.

The 30 Days of Sales Performance Challenge

In addition to managing your team around metrics that drive the sales process, create a constant sense of urgency in your team with this challenge:

  • The Challenge: 1 action to motivate your sales team per day for 30 days straight
  • The Tools: Your 30 Days to More Sales guide
  • The Reward: A performance-driven sales culture

Instead of scraping to barely reach your quota, you’ll be spending the end of this month seeing how far above it your team can get.

Get ready to unleash your sales hustle.
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