30 Sales Incentive Ideas for Field Reps

Sales Incentive IdeasIn our connected day and age, it’s common to have remote sales staff.

But this can create a challenge when you’re focused on motivating the team members you don’t see in person everyday.

One key to keeping remote reps engaged? Unique sales incentives.

No, we’re not talking about the lofty types, like President’s Club. Plenty of inexpensive incentives exist that are just as motivating.

We’ve shared a ton of inexpensive sales incentive ideas before, but we recently received a request for sales incentives specifically for remote employees.

Whether your reps spend most of their time on the phone or in the field, they’ll surely enjoy these tokens of appreciation.

30 Sales Incentives for Field Reps:

1. Personalized office supplies for wherever they’re working from

2. Gift card to a popular restaurant in their region

3. Conference call or Google hangout with the entire company where CEO congratulates sales team member(s)

4. For the frequent flyer: a travel pillow

5. Handwritten letter from CEO or top executive commending winner

6. Paid trip to headquarters so winner can meet executives in person

7. Congratulations call from every other team member (depending on how big your team is!)

8. Professional development course online

9. Monthly online club membership (like Birch Box or Sock Club)

10. Monthly local club membership (is there a gym or theater the winner is interested in?)

11. Framed picture of winner’s city (or nearby metropolitan area)

12. Postcard signed by executive team

13. Call-out in company-wide email or meeting

14. Gift basket (Get creative here! Check out The Man Can, Bath & Body Invigoration, Gluten-Free Gift Basket, Gourmet Pizza Making Gift and more.)

15. Company swag gift pack – represent!

16. New sales book that would interest winner

17. Motivational poster

18. Tickets to an industry conference

19. Portable phone charger (for traveling reps)

20. Framed picture of executives holding signs with winner’s name

21. Tickets to local sporting event or theater performance

22. Unique coffee mug

23. Inflatable globe signed by every team member

24. Desk vacuum (or plant or other silly gadget)

25. Flower delivery

26. Snuggie (for those working from home)

27. Premium LinkedIn Sales Navigator account

28. Exercise ball to sit on while working

29. Portable Wi-Fi hotspot device

30. Recognition on company blog or social media channels

Take any (or all!) of these ideas and make your remote reps feel recognized, valued and motivated.

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