Sales Contest Idea: Calls and Demos for Coaching

Sales competitions are designed to motivate and reward people for performing positive behaviors, but they should be used for more than that. They should be used for coaching, too. This month’s sales contest idea will allow you to do that.

Build out the contest around prospecting calls and booking demos, and run it for a day. Give 1 point for calls made and 5 points for each demo booked. If you’d like to add on an extra incentive, grab a $50 gift card to the best local pizza joint, and announce that you’ll be giving it to the winner. Then just schedule a team lunch to take place right after the contest ends.

Now, for the lunch. When it happens, facilitate conversations to get your team discussing best practices, first with the calls themselves and then specifically with booking demos while on those calls. Have the contests’ leaders speak about what worked for them. (This is also a good practice for when longer competition’s are halfway over.) Ask anyone who faced challenges in the competition to volunteer reasons why certain approaches didn’t work as well, if they’re comfortable doing so.

Such conversations provide the perfect platform to get your team collaborating and you coaching. Get your reps making better calls and booking more demos as a result.

Just please don’t start the coaching session like this guy:

…and you should be set.

If you use Compete by LevelEleven, keep reading for steps to building out this contest.

1) Competition Type

  • Competition Type – Pipeline behavior

Competition Type

2) General Information

  • Contest Name – Coaching To Demos
  • Choose Winners by – Points
  • Start/End date – 1 Day

General Information


3) Behaviors to Motivate

a) Completed Tasks

  • Behavior name – Call
  • Completed task, subject contains call
  • Add motivated behavior

Completed Tasks


b) Created Event

  • Behavior name – Demo booked
  • Event created, subject contains call
  • Add motivated behavior


Created Event


4) Prizes

  • 1st Prize – Pizza night out
  • Tie Breaker – First to score


5) Participants/Observers

  •   Populate participants

Populate participants


6) Contest Notification Options

  • Point of Contact – The person who created the contest
  • Contest Launch Notification – Chatter Notifications
  • Earning Entries – Popup Notifications

Contest Notification Options

7) Save Contest



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