Need A Sales Contest Idea? Try “Top Gun”

Top GunEver run sales contests and notice that the same reps are consistently getting it done while others are consistently lagging behind?

It’s no surprise that your best performers are your most competitive and will likely score high in any contest you run.

One way to keep things interesting is to create an environment like this:

If you want to get more out of your top performers they need to compete at a level that forces them to go outside of their comfort zone. Not everyone is going to be an “A” player, but the select group that fits into this category needs to be challenged on a different scale.
Sales Contest Ideas

Think about elite military aviators like Ice Man and Maverick in the Top Gun clip above, or even professional athletes. They go against the best of the best day in and day out to challenge themselves and take their talents to the next level.

You can encourage your top reps to do the same, by creating a contest that pits the best against the best. Set the bar high and make the incentive attractive to drive maximum results. Allow others in the company to work their way up into the highest level to compete against the best once they earn their place.

Here’s how you can build this idea out:

  • Sales contest name: Top Gun
  • Behavior rewarded: Creating new opportunities worth a minimum of whatever $ amount makes sense in your environment
  • Points: 100 points per new opportunity that is worth that minimum value or more
  • Prize: Remember: Your highest performing reps are probably making the most commission. Select an experiential sales incentive, like tickets to see a favorite local sports team play, rather than cash.
  • Participants: Select your top 25% performers and have them compete against each other on an individual basis. (Quick Tip: Create lower-tiered competitions and allow winners to work their way up to join the “Top Gun” group.)

The key with sales gamification is to mix things up. Static leaderboards and repetitive sales contests get old fast. Implementing new ideas like this Top Gun competition will keep things fresh and top reps challenged.

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