Losing your Call Center reps? Tackling the Grind with Some Competition

Every organization has its own culture, regardless of employee size. For example, Forbes most innovative company in the world, salesforce.com, defines their culture as having the top talent across the globe come to salesforce.com for the “change-the-world” mentality; the opportunity to excel in a fast-paced atmosphere; and the chance to be surrounded by peers and leaders that inspire, motivate, and innovate”. I perceive company culture being specific beliefs, ideologies, principles and values that employees of an organization share. And as most know, culture is critical in determining the success of how an organization is viewed in the marketplace, by their customers and their employees.

Call Center repsSince employees dedicate countless hours in the workplace, coming in early, staying late, etc., their company’s culture truly affects many different facets of their life. Employees focused in call centers, service teams or customer experience departments are no different.

Turnover Rates in Call Centers

I came across several amazing but very real stats of turnover rates inside of call centers. To be dead honest – I was aware that percentages would be likely quite high, although I was baffled to find out what these numbers actually were.

33% – average turnover rate in US call centers.
47% – average turnover rate in retail call centers.
51% – average turnover rate in subcontractor call centers.

(Source: Global Call Center Report, Cornell University – ILR School)

Tackling the ‘ Grind’

In many call centers, one of the greatest challenges reps face, is that their daily efforts are not being valued by management. The ‘grind’ is how some of these reps define their daily role and activities within a call center. Is there a way to change the way your call center team views their service environment? Yes there is. Why not crank up the fun and competitive environment in your call center to motivate and reward exceptional service, customer experience and improve employee retention? If you’re leveraging salesforce.com in your call center or service team there is an easy and competitive way to do this.

There is Always Something to Motivate

Many Salesforce Service Cloud customers actively track cases, first call resolution time, average handle time, on-hold times and transfer rates. In many scenarios, there may be competitions developed to help encourage and motivate behaviors around fast resolution to customer issues and overall customer experience. Using Contest Builder, service organizations can create a competition around closing cases and rewarding those who close cases the fastest. Click here to see an example of how some service departments utilize our Salesforce app to motivate and recognize their reps, Contest Builder for Cases.

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