4 Ways Sales Management Systems Help Remote Sales Teams Thrive

For sales leaders with teams covering vast territories across multiple countries, it’s difficult to know if each salesperson on your team is focusing on the right things day-in and day-out. As a result, many sales leaders find themselves in need of a solution to operationalize sales best practices, centralize coaching and provide tools to motivate key selling behaviors – no matter how far apart their team may be.

If you’re a sales leader with a remote sales team, a Sales Management System may be just the solution you need to tighten up your process.

1. Focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)4 Ways Sales Management Systems Help Remote Sales Teams Thrive

Even after you’ve firmly established Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), sales reps can easily get their focus derailed when they’re remote. In turn, key selling behaviors (e.g., calls) and metrics (e.g., new opportunities, deals closed) you’ve asked them to focus on may fall by the wayside, despite your best efforts (e.g., team meetings, one-on-one meetings).

To prevent this from happening, Sales Management Systems like LevelEleven provide personalized scorecards to individual contributors and team performance scorecards for managers to keep KPIs front-and-center for your entire team in real-time. Actual performance data from Salesforce.com and goal attainment is shared real-time so that every team member (whether they are in the EU or USA) stays focused on what’s most important. For example, a rep may be having a great month closing new business but loses focus on building pipeline remember to fill their pipeline up in their spare time at the hotel.

2. Increase Teamwide Competition & Engagement4 Ways Sales Management Systems Help Remote Sales Teams Thrive

Salespeople are typically competitive by nature. However, that competitive streak can dip when they feel out of touch with competing teammates. That’s where sales contests come into play.

In addition to generally increasing the competitive spirit of teams, sales contests hosted on a Sales Management System allow you to take those competitions out of the office and onto the open road (just not while driving, of course.) No matter where their location, sales reps can see the real-time progress of their teammates, and receive constant motivation to push for deals and perform key behaviors, even when they’re remote. Additionally, if you decide to roll out a contest with a team structure, rather than every person for themselves, it will ensure that no team suffers when a teammate is remote.

3. Constant Motivation and Encouragement4 Ways Sales Management Systems Help Remote Sales Teams Thrive

When a sales rep is in a different country pitching your product, it can be easy to begin to feel out of touch with goals outlined during previous in-person meetings. But with real-time scorecards and pacing alerts, it’s much easier for team members to stay in sync with team goals.

Luckily, Sales Management Systems like LevelEleven provide a centralized hub that keeps their eyes on their primary objective and the leading behaviors that will help them get there. For instance, LevelEleven’s TV service, Channel11, can broadcast leaderboards, reports, and dashboards to any computer, mobile device or TV screen throughout the world. So, if a teammate closes a deal in Wisconsin, their victory song will play throughout your California headquarters so that everybody can celebrate the victory.

4. Real-Time Performance Updates & Feedback4 Ways Sales Management Systems Help Remote Sales Teams Thrive

As a sales leader, your team likely has a wide range of personalities with different experience levels. As such, each salesperson on your team is likely to have different questions while they’re OOO (out of office) for a remote job. To meet the needs and questions of your various sales personalities, a centralized area to see their real-time performance and provide relevant feedback is necessary.

Fortunately, Sales Management Systems, like LevelEleven, empower sales leaders with real-time intelligence on individual team member’s performance. In fact, LevelEleven snapshots key performance data on a daily basis so sales leaders can quickly pull up a full breakdown of the team’s progress. So, if a rep happens to be out of the office for two weeks, you can have a look at their progress halfway through the trip and, if necessary, provide them with feedback that’s relevant to their individual needs and situation.

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