9 things sales management should read right now

Congratulations, sales management! You made it through 2016.

Hopefully you got some much-needed and well-deserved rest during the holidays. But now is the time to take advantage of your refreshed state. Here are nine useful guides for sales management to read before next year.

9 sales management reads

1. Set your sales metric goals for next year with “Identify the Right Sales KPIs for 2017.” This interactive workshop comes with a downloadable packet so you can follow along and identify your most important key performance indicators to drive revenue in 2017.

2. From technology to methodology, “17 Sales Trends For 2017” features sales predictions for next year from 17 leading experts, including SalesLoft VP of Sales Derek Grant, HubSpot VP of Sales Peter Caputa and Terminus director of sales Tonni Bennett.

3. Accurate forecasting remains a top challenge. Grab “The Sales Leader’s Guide to Forecasting with Confidence” to learn how to combine human and predictive insights to double forecast accuracy, as well as how to analyze pipeline health to forecast with confidence.

4. Find out the who, what, where and why of account-based sales development in 124 comprehensive pages with “The Clear & Complete Guide to Account Based Sales Development.”

5. Implementing CRM takes a lot of work. Read “4 Foolproof Ways to Maximize Your Salesforce Investment” to ensure your investment doesn’t go to waste.

6. “The Complete KPI Guide” series provides sales metric recommendations based on your type of team, as well as steps to build a data-driven sales process around them.

7. The second annual “State of Sales” report surveyed 3,100 sales professionals to uncover the tools, technology and strategies of today’s high-performing teams.

8. Hiring new sales leaders in 2017? You can find best practices and training tips in “Training Guide for Frontline Sales Managers.”

9. Get your personalized piece of advice on sales leadership from experts like SalesLoft CEO Kyle Porter, Harris Consulting Group founder Richard Harris and JPM Partners CEO Jessica Magoch in “Letters to Modern Sales Leaders.”

Don’t forget to check out our resource library for more guides, tips and tricks for sales management.

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9 things sales management should read right now
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9 things sales management should read right now
Want to learn something new? Here are nine useful guides for sales management that you should read right now to polish your skills.
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