30 Sales Motivation Ideas Inspired by Autumn

Sales motivation tends to dip during summer months. When the weather starts to cool off, however, you can heat things up for your revenue stream.

sales motivation ideas for fallWe know that sales motivation doesn’t only come from commissions or dreams of the President’s Club. Get your team operating on high gear this fall with a contest or quick spiff. You can use it to motivate specific sales activity like making phone calls or cleaning up CRM data.

Keep things simple by offering an incentive that sales reps want to work for, but that doesn’t break the budget. Here are 30 affordable incentive ideas to inspire sales motivation this autumn.

30 Fall Incentives for Sales Motivation

  1. Tickets to a local football game
  2. Beginner disc golf set
  3. Gift certificate to local cider mill
  4. Tree-theme leatherbound journalsales motivation incentives - football
  5. Wooden cuff links
  6. NFL Tailgate Time snack basket
  7. Wooden civil war pen
  8. Pumpkin spice latte mix
  9. CEO rakes leaves at sales rep house
  10. Wooden bottle opener
  11. Gift certificate to local apple orchard
  12. Fall scented candle
  13. Tin of fall-themed cookies
  14. Fresh apple pie delivered to rep’s desksales motivation incentives - apple
  15. High-quality rake
  16. Homemade candy apple
  17. Tie with fallen-leaves design
  18. Company trip to corn maze
  19. Homemade hot-spiced cider
  20. Gift certificate to local winery
  21. Oktoberfest gift basket
  22. Backyard fire pit
  23. Weekend cabin trip
  24. Company pumpkin-carving contestsales motivation incentives - bonfire
  25. Football
  26. Candy corn
  27. Camping gear
  28. Blanket scarf
  29. Fall-themed coffee mug
  30. Company tailgate

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