Why Sales Development Reps Should Write Blogs

This piece is part of our series on sales development, by sales development reps.

why SDRs should write blogsWell another Saturday morning has rolled around here in Detroit, which means I have another chance to crack open my laptop and type away into the sales-related ether.

But this morning, I ask myself the world’s most dangerous question: Why?

Why is it that I write? It’s not like the world is begging for my thoughts or advice on life in sales. But what I realized this morning is that I do this for me. And not in the “I write so I feel important” kind of way that I know you were all thinking. Jerks.

So Here’s What’s In It For Me (& Why Other Sales Development Reps Should Write Blogs, too):

Blog posts are a great way to organize my thoughts. Every time I sit down to write, I step back and think: “Okay, Jack – where did you screw up this week?” or “What is really important in your day to day?”

Yes, there are more fun ways to spend my Saturday mornings, but when writing I really get a chance to learn about myself and our business. You really can’t beat that education

I get a chance to take an outsider’s perspective on any objections or hurdles I have come across at work over the week. (And as an SDR, there are always plenty.) And stepping back to mull over my options, my approach and any adjustments I can make is incredibly valuable.

Then after a post gets published, through the world of social media, I can share my issues, my approach, and my results with my network and get their feedback. I’ve found the SDR community to be an amazing group. Something about a common struggle has made us all feel closer to one another. And to be able to get feedback from high-performing SDR’s across the country is truly an amazing thing.

One great side-effect to participating in that conversation via my writing is building a personal “brand” within the SDR community, too. Writing gives the opportunity to be considered a thought-leader in the space, something that can only help grow careers.

And if all that isn’t enough to convince you to start typing away, writing is an incredibly valuable skill for salespeople! The ability to be engaging and thoughtful in writing is also what’s going to help you better inform prospects and drive opportunities.

So SDRs: Go crack that laptop open, and start writing!

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