25 Eco-Friendly Sales Incentive Ideas

green sales incentive ideasSometimes, office life can leave you feeling disconnected from the natural world.

Science tells us that being close nature promotes well-being: studies show that nature relatedness has a distinct happiness benefit and spending time in natural settings or imagining such situations increases energy.

That’s why this Earth Day, we’re bringing you some sales incentive ideas to get your team in harmony with Mother Nature.

25 “Green” Sales Incentive Ideas For Contest Winners


  1. Plant a tree in their name
  2. Desk terrarium
  3. Garden seeds gift basket
  4. Desk aquarium
  5. Coupon for 30 minutes of free time outdoors during the work day
  6. “The Lorax” (Book)
  7. Lorax plush toy
  8. Recycled pen
  9. Annual pass to nearby national park
  10. Globe stress ball
  11. Wildlife donation in their name
  12. Bamboo dish cloth
  13. Filtered water bottle
  14. Kitchen composter
  15. Eco-friendly cleaning products
  16. Beeswax candles
  17. Recycled notebook
  18. Day passes to your local zoo or aquarium
  19. Natural soap
  20. Reusable grocery bags
  21. Tree branch coasters
  22. Photo frame made from recycled tires
  23. “The Forest Unseen” (Book of short essays)
  24. Tree growing kit
  25. Recycled bird feeder

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