5 Sales Contest Ideas for Summer

New Call-to-actionYou and your team have just wrapped up Q2. The sun is out and the weather is nice, leaving your reps doing more daydreaming about a pool day than focusing on pipeline growth. Use summer-themed sales contest ideas to bring them back.

5 Summer Sales Contest Ideas to Try:

1. The Contest: Q-3 Tee Time

  • Goal: Drive new business by putting this golf-inspired sales contest into action. Focus your team on getting meetings booked and winning deals.
  • Duration: Three weeks
  • Teams: Individuals
  • Point Structure: 50 points for each scheduled meeting, a bonus 300 points for closing the deal
  • Winner: Whoever has the most points at the end of the contest, or the first participant to reach “fore” (four) deals closed
  • Prize Ideas: A day off spent at the golf range

2. The Contest: Surfs Opp

  • Goal: Ride the pipeline, dude! Use this sales contest to motivate your team to convert leads into opportunities.
  • Duration: One week
  • Teams: Divide your sales team into two
  • Point Structure: 100 points per converted lead
  • Winner: Team with most points
  • Prize Ideas: Tickets to a waterpark for the winning team, or bring in a dunk tank and let them decide who goes in it

3. The Contest: Cook Off

  • Goal: Get your team to cook up some hot leads by grilling the competition. Use the competition field in your CRM system to find a list of leads lost to competitors and start calling!
  • Duration: One day. Break for hot dogs and hamburgers at lunch to view the sales leaderboard and discuss best practices. Then back to the phones!
  • Teams: Individuals
  • Point Structure: 10 points per phone call
  • Winner: Participant with most points
  • Prize Ideas: Gift card to steakhouse, or grilling accessories

4. The Contest: On the Hook

  • Goal: Use a fishing-themed contest to get conversations going and reel in decision makers. Make sure your sales team is getting on the phones with the right people.
  • Duration: Three weeks
  • Teams: Divide your sales team into two
  • Point Structure: 10 points per quality conversation with a decision maker
  • Winner: Team with the most points
  • Prize Ideas: Half day off for Fishing Friday at watering hole of choice

5. The Contest: United Sales of America

  • Goal: Make sure your team reaches out across different locations. Base this contest around conversations with a lead from each state.
  • Duration: One to two days, depending on how long it takes for someone to reach a prospect in every state.
  • Teams: Individuals
  • Winner: First participant to connect with a person from each of the 50 states
  • Prize Ideas: A mini stand-up American flag for a desk trophy and bragging rights

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