5 Resolutions for More Sales Wins

Sales Coaching Tip: Know That 92% of Resolutions FailHello, all. It’s that time of year again when we make certain promises to ourselves to become healthier, wealthier and more wise.  So, what kind of promises are you making for increased success in your sales career?

I’m going to suggest 5 things to focus on out of the gates. If you stick to them, you’ll set yourself and your team up for even more sales success this year.

Here goes:

1. I resolve to eliminate wimpy words.

If you’ve been is sales for any time at all, you’ve most certainly called or emailed a prospect to “check in” or “reach out” or “touch base” or “follow up.” Will you stop it already? When you contact a prospect without a reason you are killing your chances to move that opportunity forward. You must give them a compelling reason to continue to work with you and offer value with every touch point.

2. I resolve to hit my Q1 quota in January.

It’s the new year. The market is ripe with opportunity. New budgets have been allocated. New problems are realized by prospects that you have a solution for. Take advantage early. Set a goal, make a game plan and execute. If you blast your Q1 quota in January, you set yourself up for wild success for the rest of the year.

3. I resolve to purchase my customers’ products or services, if applicable.

Your goal as a sales person is to acquire a client for life. What better way to build a lasting relationship for the long term than to create a genuine partner? The best scenario in business is a win-win.

4. I resolve to not get “happy ears.”

When talking to prospects, you need to understand their problems on a deep level to effectively solve them. And one mention of a surface pain does not mean it’s  immediately time to start selling. Only after you understand why and how that pain is affecting the company you’re working with and the individual you are talking to should you start explaining how your solution can help.

5. I resolve to make friends in marketing.

Let’s face it, guys and gals: We need marketing. I know that most of the time we think of ourselves as the reincarnate of Zig Ziglar, but we are just better at what we do when aligned with what marketing is doing. After all, they are doing it for us!

There you have it: 5 resolutions you need to focus on this year for increased sales success. Good luck, and happy hunting.

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