4 Tips for Maintaining Sales Kickoff Momentum + Upcoming Webinar

Maintaining Sales Kickoff Momentum[Update: If you want to see this free webinar, click here and you’ll be directed.]

You’re back from the holidays and are embarking on a record-breaking year, starting with your sales kickoff meeting. Enthusiasm is running high and your team is sincerely amped. But, then what? How do you keep momentum to hit your sales goals the rest of the year?

Here are 4 tips to keep in mind:

1) Prioritize visibility
Make clear goals and display progress prominently. Sales teams will stay motivated simply by virtue of understanding where they stand, and what has to be done to hit their goals.

2) Leverage competition
Competition brings out the best in people, so use it to your advantage. Motivate salespeople to compete against their peers as well as their own goals and you will keep them focused on driving performance.

3) Recognize performance 
It’s important to recognize sales performance because it rewards top performers and motivates lower ranking reps to improve or seek additional coaching.

4) Seize coaching opportunities
Take advantage of the visibility you’ve created by identifying coaching opportunities for your team. No one is perfect, so being able to confidently identify where your people can improve will lead to coaching time well spent and improved performance as a result.

If you consistently use these 3 tips, there’s a good chance you’ll keep your team engaged and performing at a high level throughout the year. But, if you’re interested in getting more into the “how” you can really drive performance on a daily basis, and what advancements sales performance technology is bringing to the table, then our upcoming webinar will be right up your alley:

This webinar has already occurred, but Click Here to see the video recap!

In this on-demand webinar, LevelEleven CEO Bob Marsh will share how you can translate your new year enthusiasm into strong sales performance that lasts well beyond the sales kickoff. You’ll learn:

  • the ins and outs of using a sales performance platform like LevelEleven
  • platform features and new sales technology developments
  • and specific steps on how you can leverage this technology to exceed your goals in 2015!

*Much of this webinar is product specific for current customers, but anyone with an interest is encouraged to join us!

Watch this webinar.

Webinar series: Aligning Goals with LevelEleven: This product-specific webinar is meant for clients, but open to anyone.

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