LevelEleven’s 11th Hour Dev Team Retreat [Visual Recap]

When our development team set off to spend a week in Tawas, Michigan, in a cabin surrounded by nothing but natural beauty on all sides, it may have seemed as though it made as much sense as a Bash command on a Cascading Style Sheet (little dev joke, ha!). But in reality, this was a great opportunity for the team to stretch their minds and develop a unique project for LevelEleven that may not have come about under normal circumstances.

Before the team went, we posted a little rundown on the idea (affectionately dubbed “11th hour”), and we’re now starting to get the skinny on what really went down. We want to give you a sneek peak.

Here’s a short visual recap of the team hanging out and getting their code on. It may appear to have been a lot of fun and games, but they definitely worked harder than it looks (we think). In all honestly, these guys are as good as it gets, and we’re all excited to see exactly what comes of it in the coming months!

LevelEleven developer retreat
Who needs shoes when you’re working on something good?
LevelEleven Developer Retreat


LevelEleven Development retreat
Dev guys playing Dev guy card games.


LevelEleven Development Reatreat
Basking in sweet victory.


LevelEleven Development Retreat
Groucho Marx impression?


Groucho Marx
Not bad.


LevelEleven Developer Retreat
A warm welcome to Birders (?) everywhere

Rumor has it, the city of Tawas has a new welcome sign in the works featuring the slogan: “Where the LevelEleven Developer Team Once Stayed For A Week.” Whether or not that’s true remains to be seen.

In any event, from the rest of us at LevelEleven and “Birders” everywhere, we salute you Team 11th Hour!

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