Building the Salesforce Report Every Sales Leader Needs

Yesterday’s Event Report — our CEO discussed it in a Salesforce tip video, our marketing director mentioned it in our Salesforce eBook and the entire team suggests it to clients on a regular basis. The report offers that much value. Today, we want to teach you how to build it. Here’s the full how-to:


Create a Salesforce event report that gets emailed to you daily with a summary of events from the day before


  1. Gives sales leaders a sense of the conversations their team members are having with prospects and customers
  2. Provides feedback on what is happening in the market
  3. Allows leaders to identify potential coaching opportunities
  4. Helps to get leaders seeing the benefits of Salesforce if they haven’t yet 
  5. Improves Salesforce adoption for sales teams — since reps know their leader is looking at, and finding value in, the information they enter


1) Create New Report

  • Reports>New report>Activities>Tasks and Events>Create

Create new report

2) Create Report Filters

  • Show – All activities, Completed activities, Event
  • Date field – Created date
  • Range – Yesterday
  • Assigned Role equals – account executive, business development manager (or the titles of anyone else whose activities you’d like to include in the reports)


Create Report Filters

3) Create Report Columns

  • Column names you will want in the report and save report
    • Assigned, subject, account, contact, lead, opportunity, full comments

Note: These fields are suggestions. You may have other fields that are more relevant

Create Report Columns

4) Create Email Schedule

  • Select arrow next to “run report” and press “schedule future runs

Run Report Now


  • Populate the appropriate options and save report schedule

Schedule Report


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