Gamification in the Workplace: The Sales Story [Video]

Gamification in the WorkplaceThere’s all this talk about gamification in the workplace, but is it actually worth the investment? That’s the question many sales leaders are asking.

In the 15-minute video recap of the “Gamification in the Workplace” webinar, LevelEleven CEO Bob Marsh discusses the answer. He addresses things like:

  • Common perceptions of gamification and how it actually relates to incentivizing your sales team
  • The value of gamification, based on a survey of approximately 100 companies using it to motivate salespeople
  • Examples of how VPs of Sales at companies like the Detroit Pistons and Morningstar use gamification to better engage their sales teams around key initiatives and drive adoption
  • Ideas you should consider when evaluating gamification as a means of motivating your sales team


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