Insight on Sales Leaderboards, Tips for Gamification and More [Video]

Sales Influencer SeriesIn the most recent “Sales Leader Video” of SalesLoft’s Sales Influencer Series, LevelEleven CEO Bob Marsh offers insight on salespeople, sales competitions and CRMs.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of that insight, with Bob’s response to question number one: How important is a sales leaderboard?

You know, salespeople are just these unbelievably competitive people. It’s almost comical, honestly. There was actually some research recently about this. It talked about: What are the three main things that motivate salespeople? First is money (everyone says that), second is recognition and third is competition.

And so, depending on who you’re talking to they may be in different orders. Like I was talking with a sales leader earlier today that said, “Money’s actually last. People are just really driven by recognition and competition.”

So we just see these unbelievable examples. I just had a client in this morning, and they were telling us about how they just ran this thing and one of the sales guys saw that he was two points behind the person in front of him and he said, “Alright, I’m going to get on it right now.” 

And so that kind of visibility — which only comes from leaderboards and keeping it in front of people — is what makes the difference. 

Actually, this guy, he said: “It made that guy do the couple behaviors that ended up leading to the sales that he wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.” 

We have a lot of stories like that. Like I said, it’s kind of comical — because it’s human nature. 

Click play below to see how the rest of the conversation went. 

LevelEleven CEO Bob Marsh

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