A 285% Jump in Sales Behavior & More – Thanks to Gamification

BNP Media

Tagg Henderson, co-CEO of BNP Media, discovered Compete while searching for solutions to improve data collection, Salesforce adoption and insight into driving sales. And here’s what happened when he implemented the app: BNP began to realize its six-figure plus annual Salesforce investment, as gamification…

  • Changed rep behavior.

BNP’s first competition resulted in a 285% increase in the amount of sales calls made in one week. Salesforce adoption also increased.

  • Improved the ways managers use and respond to new data.

Compete’s reporting features increased leadership’s awareness of vital data. In fact, many of BNP’s sales managers now leverage Salesforce’s custom reports for better insight into the business.

  • Better connected reps with their customers.

Compete took reps from housing homegrown customer databases — which weren’t updated or backed up often — to developing diligent habits around entering data into Salesforce.

  • Inspired a more collaborative company culture.

Through Compete, Tagg and his team promoted Chatter adoption and saw greater internal communication as a result.

And BNP’s positive outcomes don’t stop there. To learn about what else gamification produced for BNP, and read further details on the outcomes above, check out the full story in Tagg’s words…

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