Passionate salespeople – your team should be full of them

Passionate salespeople They can’t stop talking about what they sell – not in an aggressive, in-your-face sort of way, but in an elevated-voice, reluctant-to-take-breaths-between-words sort of way that shows you they believe in what they have to offer. They tell family and friends about their product; then they suggest those family and friends take advantage of it. They walk into work each morning with a purpose. Do you have anyone like this, the passionate kind, on your sales team? If not, maybe you’re not doing enough of these:

The more you know

A salesperson can never really get behind what they’re selling if they don’t completely understand it. Upon adding new members to your team, teach them everything there is to know about what they’ll have to offer. Enable your salespeople to develop well-rounded knowledge on the technical side, marketing objectives, development history and future goals of your product. Don’t send them into the ring until they’re fully versed on the value that they’re bringing to it.

Well, with our product…

Allowing a salesperson to feel a sense of ownership in what they’re selling can certainly help to spark their passion for it. Be open to employee feedback on your organization’s offerings, reminding employees at meetings, in emails and/or through surveys that you’ll listen to what they have to say. Then when you do make changes in your offerings, let your team know. If those changes were inspired by client or employee feedback, make sure your entire staff is aware of that.

It’s a team thing

It goes without saying that any employee who respects their organization is going to feel some loyalty toward its product. Make sure you’re doing what you can to satisfy this law. Keep employees engaged by listening to them, learning from them, recognizing them and providing them opportunities for career growth. Loyalty and passion feed off of one another – that’s just how it goes.

Secrets don’t make passionate salespeople

It’s natural for you to consider how you’ll share your organization’s success with people outside of its walls; press releases, media pitches, newsletters and homepages tout accomplishments to external contacts. It should be just as natural, though, for you to share your organization’s success with your salespeople. Market it to them, too. For example, host small celebrations – whether that means getting a keg of beer and letting employees hang out for a bit because you won an award or sending a “Donuts are in the meeting room!” email because you received positive client feedback. Taking the time to inform your team of the organization’s success will not only encourage their pride, but reinforce their sense of ownership in the business, as well. Then of course, as you continue to practice these tips and your salespeople become more passionate, you’ll just have to make time to celebrate more often. 

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