New Year, New Plan: How Sales Leaders Can Use LevelEleven to Dominate in 2023

As with most years, 2022 had its own unique set of challenges. This year, many organizations dealt with The Great Resignation, only to later be charged with the heavy task of mass lay-offs. Uncertainty was a major theme in 2022, and you might be unsure about what to do next. 

Using LevelEleven, along with the Salesforce data you already have, will help you be more proactive with your planning and prepare your team to dominate 2023. LevelEleven pairs metrics with performance to track progress and set the right goals, which makes it so much easier to plan for the coming year. 

There’s no longer a need to sift through spreadsheets, emails, and notebooks to locate past conversations and analyze achievements. With LevelEleven, all the information you need is stored in one place. 

Reflecting on the achievements and the losses of this past year using LevelEleven will help you get a better idea of what you should be doing in 2023.

Set the Goals

Goal setting can be a guessing game. How do you know you’re setting the right goals for individual reps? How do you know you’re setting the right goals for your company as a whole? 

Historically, sales leaders would rely on pretty complicated data analysis to determine their plan of attack. With LevelEleven, you can more readily make those decisions in a number of ways that are easy to digest and easy to track.

Conversion Insights

With LevelEleven’s Conversion Insights, you can quickly visualize goals and understand what it will take to achieve them in the coming year. 

Conversion Insights allows you to drill down into your tracked metrics in order to see fairly realistic targets. You can perform what we refer to as “what-if scenarios” to determine what activities would need to happen to achieve certain goals.

conversion insights

It’s important to keep in mind that your team might need additional guidance when it comes to next year’s goals, so we do suggest you come prepared with a plan or coaching strategy that will help individuals reach their new goals.

Coaching Notes

On the topic of coaching strategy, there is so much power in looking to the past to determine goals for next year. With LevelEleven, all of your Coaching Notes, along with activity screenshots, are saved in one place. 

This full-service approach to coaching allows managers the opportunity to review all past conversations and performance in order to better understand trends, strengths, and weaknesses.  

Using these notes will come in handy with your 2023 strategy. You can readily determine which goals were consistently hit or missed, which will uncover the trends necessary to know what team and individual goals should be for the new year.

Goal Engine

LevelEleven’s newest offering is possibly the most powerful when it comes to nailing down your plan for 2023. The intelligent Goal Engine does the heavy lifting when it comes to setting goals. 

With Goal Engine, managers can more easily set goals for multiple reps or teams at once using historic insight to uncover target goal ranges. In short, LevelEleven tells you if you’re setting an unrealistic goal. 

The goal projector inside of Goal Engine provides a visual snapshot of whether goals are likely to be achieved based on historic data. On the flip side, you will also be able to see if a goal is almost too likely to be achieved, which would mean you could comfortably set a more challenging goal to keep a rep engaged — challenging, but still realistic.

goal planning 2023 with goal engine

If you’re setting unrealistic goals and reps continuously fail to meet them, they may start to disengage with their work. When someone no longer engages, you are at risk of losing good talent. The whole point of setting goals is to motivate productivity with the right balance of challenge and encouragement.

Prepare to Motivate & Celebrate

Setting the right goals is a huge part of planning for the new year. But something that shouldn’t be overlooked is re-evaluating company culture, which has been under a huge microscope this past year.

LevelEleven helps sales leaders plan for fun, engaging ways to motivate and celebrate team members at the drop of the hat.


Contests are fantastic when they’re done the right way. Not only do contests engage and motivate employees in a fun way, but they can also be planned out ahead of time to prevent experiencing performance lulls.

Let’s say you know that the beginning of your fiscal years have been slower than you’d like. Plan a contest right out of the gate to set the tone for the year. The same can, and should, be done for the whole year. 

Look back at your performance data to locate periods of time that haven’t always yielded great results. Plan out your contests accordingly. 

With LevelEleven, you can build out contests quickly and easily within Salesforce. Our engaging interface allows leaderboards to be displayed in real time to create excitement and motivate reps to come out on top. 

Be sure to browse some of our free sales contest templates to get started.


Set a new year’s resolution to improve employee recognition. There is so much data to support the impact of recognizing employees, and it should be part of your plan for 2023.

With LevelEleven, you can award a job well done in real time with Badges. These are custom emblems that managers and reps alike can send to other employees to celebrate success and hard work.

Badges to recognize employees

Splash notifications appear when someone is awarded a badge, which makes the experience all the more meaningful. A new integration with Slack also allows for badge notifications to appear in your favorite company communication channel. 

Be sure to encourage everyone to take part in recognizing individual success, because good company culture begins and ends with a feeling of being supported.

Happy Planning

Ultimately, planning for 2023 will take some work and an open mind. But LevelEleven does provide invaluable support to make the process a lot easier. 

It does come down to the data. And LevelEleven helps you pull out the actionable insights from the data to set the right goals and even drive better company culture to ensure a stellar new year.

Ready to take your 2023 plan to the next level? Connect with our team now.