Contest Engine

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Drive healthy competition between team members and incentivize important behaviors using contests.

LevelEleven’s contests help you and your team re-focus on metrics that fall behind pace. With Contest Engine, it’s easy for managers and admins to quickly spin up a contest within Salesforce. From there, customize your contest in just a few clicks to include whatever goals and prizes you want.

On your Salesforce homepage, Mini Leaderboard shows the point-based contest rankings of your team so everyone knows exactly where they stand at all times.

It will show you:
• The contest or contests you are currently participating in
• Contest leaderboard and where each individual ranks
• How much time is left in the contest

LevelEleven’s Contest Engine even has the ability to backdate contests to include data from before the day & time they were first set up – especially useful if a manager decides to do a contest in the middle of the month, and wants to include data from the start of the month.

With Contest Engine’s help, it’s easier than ever to incentivize people through real-time contests and get everyone engaged and motivated.

Contest Engine is available in our Motivate, Engage and Coach solutions.

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