Performance Scorecards

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With Performance Scorecard, sales reps can always keep their activity metrics top-of-mind and in focus.

Leveraging color-coding to help users digest and understand large amounts of data, Performance Scorecard shows progress toward 4 primary metrics that are customized to fit each customer’s business. Teams also have the ability to add up to 16 secondary metrics to their scorecard for a total of 20.

The color coding allows for instant understanding of a user’s pace: if you are behind pace to meet your monthly goal, the metric’s color displays in red. Blue is on pace, green is ahead, and the color of the metric displayed changes to teal when you hit your goal.

With one glance, you’re able to answer questions like:

  • Where am I at with the goals that my manager set for me?
  • How am I doing compared to my teammates?

Performance Scorecards are available in our Motivate and Coach solutions.

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