Dreamforce 2018In the world of technology, changes are being made almost daily. That’s why going to a conference as large as Dreamforce each year offers a unique opportunity to see first hand the trends that arise. This year, LevelEleven had many great conversations about where the Salesforce landscape is currently and where people see it going. We have gathered three of the biggest trends from #DF18 and here’s what they mean for you:

Not as Sales Minded

This has been a trend we saw before Dreamforce, but the event really made it hit home. Many organizations using Salesforce® are not just sales teams. In fact, many aren’t sales teams at all! We talked to marketing teams, call centers, customer success teams, and more. This trend is exciting because it opens up our Salesforce ecosystem to more minds and companies. Here at LevelEleven, we strive to help organizations drive key behaviors so it was nice to get an idea of how organizations are doing this outside of the sales world. We are excited about this trend because of the opportunity it gives us (and everyone else) to work with people and companies from all professions.

Gamification Is Big

Everyone loves games, and making work a little more fun never hurt anyone. This year at Dreamforce we talked a lot about gamification and what it means to different organizations. We heard some say they run contests for employees to pace towards the “Presidents Club” where they earn prizes or even trips. We also talked to many organizations who were looking for ways to better motivate their teams, which is an area where gamification fits perfectly. In general, we had more conversations about gamifiying the work day, how it can be done, and why people need it. Running contests or rewarding employees for excellent performance is a great way to spark motivation and we are excited to be at the forefront of this ever-growing trend.

Coaching Is More Important Than Ever

Perhaps one of our favorite trends of Dreamforce 2018 is the rising number of individuals and organizations who are searching for ways to better develop their employees. Consistent coaching is key for many reasons. It can help the onboarding process go faster as expectations are clearly set and actioned. It can also freshen the outlook of a more tenured employee so that they don’t turn on auto-pilot and check out. No matter how experienced someone is, there is always room for improvement!

Now that we have talked about our favorite trends, what are yours? Comment below!

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