4 Ways to Get More Out of Your Office TVs

Our customers already know the benefits of LevelEleven’s TV broadcast service (Channel11). If you aren’t familiar then please check out our 5 ways to accelerate sales motivation with LevelEleven! The ability to show real-time performance data, recognize employee achievements, and bring visibility to key performance indicators from Salesforce.com are a few of the benefits that LevelEleven Customers enjoy when they use Channel11.

But I am here to let you in on a secret, Channel11 is so much more than that! It is a versatile tool to include in all aspects of daily office life. Whether you set up separate channels for internal announcements or create custom content for different departments, effectively using a TV broadcast service helps to increase your team’s engagement. Below are some suggestions on how to make the most of Channel11 in your office.

1. Office Events

Your company is more than the day-to-day work of its employees. Although Channel11 is a fantastic tool to display business data, leaderboards, and real-time pacing to goals, it can also be utilized to keep your employees up-to-date on everything else that is going on within the company. This increases employee engagement and can help boost profitability in the long-run.


Spending time with coworkers outside of the office is great for morale. Whether you have occasional employee recognition lunches or coworkers want to let the office know that they will be meeting up for lunch, Channel11 can help. Ashley Mady, founder of Brandberry said “When employees get together outside of the normal work environment, it allows them to form a deeper bond. This may translate into better team dynamics and a more collaborative work environment.” This allows for the entire office to be included in plans without the hassle of individually inviting everyone, which may result in some employees being left out.

Staff Meetings

Let’s be honest, almost everyone is guilty of running late to, or even missing a meeting. Employees are often busy juggling their daily duties, client meetings, and their own packed calendars so things can easily fall through the cracks. Important meeting dates and times can be displayed, serving as a reminder to employees. Seeing the reminder on prominently located TV every day will help ensure fewer tardies and absences from important meetings. 

 Chores or Duties

Most offices have housekeeping items that have to be completed but assigning responsibility can be tough. Streamline the process by displaying who is responsible for specific tasks each day or week. Here at LevelEleven, we use Channel11 to display who is on dishwasher duty each week. This not only reminds employees when they are responsible for loading the dishwasher, it takes the hassle out of assigning tasks. Create an Office Duties channel, schedule out responsibilities, launch the channel and forget about it! These settings will rotate through the employees daily or weekly and make everyone aware of their responsibilities.

2. Special Days

There is nothing worse than being excited about a major life event and having no one to share it with. Luckily, awareness around special events can be made easy through Channel11.


Did you know that 89 percent of the employees surveyed said they took more pride in their work after experiencing an anniversary event that had emotional resonance? Celebrate your employee’s hard work a dedication by displaying their workiversaries! This allows for dedicated employees to feel appreciated, while also showing newer employees that your company is a great place to work! Seeing that a co-worker is celebrating their fourth year with the company gives employees a chance to reflect on and evaluate their own time. In fact, fifty percent of employees surveyed view work anniversaries as a time of reflection. This reflection period can be nostalgic for the employee celebrating as well as motivation for newer employees to stick with the company.


Regardless of what people think about their birthday, everyone likes to feel important and recognized. Let birthdays be an opportunity to celebrate and make employees feel special. Displaying a happy birthday message can remind other employees to take the time to make their co-worker feel recognized on their special day. These messages can be simple, such as simply displaying “happy birthday” and an employee’s picture, or more complex such as having coworkers create custom birthday messages to be displayed on that day.

3. Location-Based Content

Employees spend a considerable amount of time in the city they work – but that time is usually all spent inside. Promote employee involvement in the community by showcasing what your city has to offer!

Sports Games

Channel11 gives you the ability to integrate Twitter and RSS feeds at the bottom of your screen! Is there a game going on? Pin the team’s tweets to get updated scores, locations, and times regarding the big game! This helps employees to stay up to date on their favorite sports teams without creating too much distraction.

Events going on around town

This takes us back to the benefits of employee friendships! Maybe your city has some great happy hour deals, broadcast them to give employees a chance to meet up with co-workers or friends after work. Announce upcoming concerts, fairs, and other unique goings-on to give employees something to look forward to after work.

Location Based Facts

Location-based facts are great for employees that just relocated or even those who have lived there for years. A fun way to use Channel11 is to display facts about where your company is headquartered. Maybe you have two offices, connect them by showing facts about each location! LevelEleven is based in Detroit, Michigan but less than half of our employees knew that “Although Michigan is called the Wolverine state, there are no longer any wolverines in Michigan.”  

4. Role-Based Content

Intra-company communication is vital for profitability and employee cohesion. Nobody wants to be “that” company that sends out multiple, conflicting messages. Keeping the office up-to-date on what each department is currently working on will help prevent this.


The marketing department is the connection between the company and the outside world. They determine the company’s voice and messaging, while also continuously running campaigns to promote your product. Not only does the entire company need to be familiar with marketing messages, they should also be aware of what campaigns are coming up. Channel11 can be used by marketing departments to reinforce messaging, give employees a heads up for whats coming, and encourage employees to share marketing material on their own social channels.


Sales teams are used to the fast-paced environment in which they operate. They can juggle knowledge about multiple prospects in their pipeline and have a handle on which deal is where. This is not the case however for some other departments. Channel11 presents a great opportunity for the sales team to display upcoming deals or other important deal information, and keep the entire company up-to-date. On top of that, it also allows easier communication about your product and any changes. The other teams will not be able to effectively do their jobs without knowing the product inside and out.

Customer Success

Your Customer Success and/or Support teams are very knowledgeable about your customers. This knowledge can and should be used throughout the organization. If a Customer Success Manager (CSM) identifies an issue that keeps coming up with clients, other departments should know! Broadcasting recurring customer issues can help the sales team try to clear up these concerns during the selling process and the marketing team to adjust messaging to address these concerns.

As you can see, LevelEleven and it’s TV-broadcast service Channel11 are much more than a vehicle for leaderboards and contest results. Making full use of Channel11 can increase employee engagement, improve workplace culture, and foster unity throughout the organization. How does your company get creative with LevelEleven’s most popular feature? Comment below!

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