How We Optimized Sales Performance in 1 Hour Today

Today, we sprung a quick campaign on our sales team using our app — and we have to say, the results are pretty impressive! Here’s the skinny, and it really shows how using motivators like competition and recognition can optimize sales performance:

Campaign Name: PowerHour
Campaign Duration:
 1 hour, from 10 A.M. – 11 A.M.
Behavior: Calling top opportunities
Points Breakdown: 1 point for call logged; 3 points for progressing an opportunity (in Salesforce); 5 points for closing a deal
Incentive: A badge in Salesforce

Pretty simple, right? We looked back at previous weeks and found that our team would touch base with opportunities about 25 times on an average Friday. That’s 25 times for an entire day, or about 3 calls per hour. Today, we had 2 fewer sales guys in the office and ran the campaign for only one hour — here’s what happened:

In one hour and with two fewer people than normal, our team made contact with 51 opportunities total and progressed 7 of those to a later stage in Salesforce.

If you’re keeping score, that’s a 104% increase in opportunities contacted in just one hour compared to an average Friday total. But not to be outdone, that one hour, when compared to the Friday average of about 3 calls per hour, was 17X more productive!

[UPDATE: The total for the day came out to about 3X the Friday average, with the team hitting their normal Friday numbers on top of the contest totals. In other words, there was no fall off after the contest — the team continued on their pace which made for a great Friday of contacting opportunities.]

We cooked up a little visual to demonstrate what that looks like (click the radio button to compare):

Not bad for an hour’s work!

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