Setting Up Sales Leaderboards: Types and Tips [Free eBook]

LevelEleven Mobile LeaderboardWillie Mullen, VP of Sales at hiredMYway, launched his first company-wide competition that would use a digital, real-time leaderboard to motivate key sales behaviors. Then it took only a matter of minutes – five, by Willie’s estimate. He witnessed a scene that not even he envisioned happening so quickly: reps “running through the office and ripping through phones.”

Here’s the best part: Among those reps one led the charge, and that one shocked Willie. Prior to the competition, that particular team member exerted little energy around the office, but at that moment, Willie says: “He was participating in a way I’d never seen him participate before.”

We already nominated best part, so we’ll call this most surprising: It didn’t take a sexy incentive to wake up that rep and his team. No weekend trip, cash bonus or even free lunch waited to be earned. In fact, Willie offered his team no tangible incentive at all – only, in his words, “mad props.”

And that is the power of a sales leaderboard.

Whether you choose to display yours on a flat-screen television, a rolling whiteboard or another medium, you too can harness it. Our ebook, “Setting Up Sales Leaderboards: Types and Tips,” exists to teach you how.

Give it a quick read to learn:

  • Benefits that distinguish popular leaderboard mediums, from whiteboards to reports
  • 3 tips to maximize leaderboard impact

Check out the free eBook.

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