What scares your team the most about sales? Is it cold calling?

Being told “NO,” or having people hang up in the middle of the conversation call after call can be discouraging. It can push sales reps to the point where they’re scared to make those calls. However, if they have the right mindset, cold calling can actually be fun. The way I see it, you can do two things to help with that:

1. Show your sales reps this video and hope they get inspired by Rocky Balboa.

2. Use competition to add some fun around cold calling.

Simply give your team one point for every call they make during one hour of nothing but cold calling. (We call it “Power Hour” here at LevelEleven.) In honor of October, give out Halloween candy as an incentive. (We all know it’s the competition and recognition that’ll really be motivating your sales team anyway.) You can try this competition one time, or run it every day like we do.

If you use LevelEleven’s Compete, the steps are below to build this one out. Enjoy!

1) Competition Type

  • Competition Type – Pipeline behavior
Competition Type

2) General Information

  • Contest Name – Power Hour – Calls & Demoss
  • Choose Winners by – Points
  • Start/End Date – 1 Hour
General Information

3) Behaviors to Motivate

a) Completing a Call

  • Behavior Name – Completed Call
  • Completed Task, Subject Contains Call, 1 Point
  • Add Motivated Behavior
Completing a Call

b) Demo/Meeting Booked

  • Behavior Name – Demo/Meeting Booked
  • Completed Task, Subject Contains Demo/Meeting, 3 Points
  • Add Motivated Behavior
Demo/Meeting Booked

4) Prizes

  • 1st Prize – Halloween Candy
  • Tie Breaker – First to Score

5) Participants/Observers

  •   Populate Participant & Observers
Populate Participant & Observers


6) Contest Notification Options

  • Point of Contact – [The person who created the contest]
  • Contest Launch Notification – Email, Chatter Notifications and Popup
  • Ongoing Leaderboard Updates – None
  • Earning Entries – Popup Notifications
Contest Notification Options

7) Save Contest


Check back next month for another work contest idea!

Work Contest Idea: “Cold Calling is Scary!”
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Work Contest Idea: “Cold Calling is Scary!”
Cold calling can be discouraging, to say the least. Check out this work contest idea to get your team excited about the activity!
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