4 Steps to Crush Q4 [Free eBook]

4 Steps to Crush Q4

Maybe the bonus concerns you. Perhaps it’s the opportunity to see a promotion or just stay where you are. Or you could simply be the competitive type. Regardless, this time of year produces stress. So much relies on that annual sales target, and you rely on Q4 for that last chance.

We all know that “chance” doesn’t produce satisfaction from close calls, either. And so the stress builds. Because the difference between achieving 99% of your goal and 101% is massive. At 99, people wonder why you couldn’t get over the goal line. At 101? You’re a rock star. You’ve got Q4 to separate the two.

So here we are – a week into the quarter. It’s time to hit that number. We wrote a free eBook to guide you in making that happen.

Check out “4 Steps to Crush Q4” for a four-step plan that will enable you to crush this quarter. You’ll also find out how to amplify the plan’s results by using gamification/competition as your silver bullet, and walk away with a full understanding of:

  • Where to set your targets in Q4
  • What best practices to consider when assigning numbers to those targets
  • How to choose which of your goals are most deserving of your sales team’s focus throughout the quarter
  • What you can do to drive energy around your goals during each month of the quarter
  • How to make it all add up so that you’re going past the point of simply meeting your sales numbers

Download the quick read, and get ready for the kind of Q4 that will make your year.

4 Steps to Crush Q4 [Free eBook]
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4 Steps to Crush Q4 [Free eBook]
Get ready to crush your Q4 sales goals. Check out this 4-step plan.
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